So the mug shot of 30 year old Jeremy Meeks has had the women of the internet swooning….

article-2663696-1EF0A64D00000578-961_634x711Girls from all over the world have have been offering bail money and support for this guy and all because of his rugged GQ model good looks and piercing blue eyes.   I’m secure enough in my hetero-sexuality that I can say that this is a good looking guy…. but Jesus c’mon you are telling me that his looks merit such a response from a  large number of shallow women out there?
Of course the first response to this would be, Well CM you are just jealous because he is so good looking.

Nope not jealous because while I am no Brad Pitt 1313465171888

I am by far not a John Merrick.   tumblr_m6nxvyWVaX1r6r01jo1_r1_500

I am just surprised this dude blew up like he did from one mugshot from a crime in a long list of crimes.   You would think that the affiliations and his criminal past would outweigh his dangerous beauty.   Just 24 hours after his arrest the 20,000 likes and 6,000 comments proves me wrong.    The thing that makes me angry at this guy is that he could have parlayed his good looks into a much better life than a Crips gang member and criminal.   I mean the dude looks like he belongs in a Drakkar Noir ad instead of a police rouges gallery.    guy-laroche-drakkar-noir2Also, It looks like the internet has a lot of really stupid girls out there….


…and they are willing to toss the rational thought that he is probably going to be wearing this for a long time……article-2663696-1EFA801400000578-630_306x423

….for being attracted to the  good looking bad boy gangster side of his persona.  And that may be it!!  Girls are attracted to the taboo always in trouble guy that has a mugshot.  So if that is the case , Girls, where are the love letters and bail offers for these fellow felons?

eyes  article-2663812-1EF6BF6C00000578-160_634x720images

I have read some reports that Jeremy’s thug life was years behind him and these charges are bogus but you don’t get set $1,000,000 bails for trumped up charges. They must have some weight behind them.   I am sure he will get tons of fan mail and offers for money and he will probably parlay all of this into a book or movie deal with a deep tan Jared Leto as the title character….