COOKIE CLICKER REVIEW – A Great Background Game

It starts simple enough. A cursor and a cookie…

cookie one

….until you make that first click of the cookie.  Now you are off.  Cookie Clicker, from Ortiel, ( is a great little achievement game set up to just waste time when you are waiting for that file to download or someone to call or the end of the word!!! You use your cursor to click the cookie and it gives you a cookie. So why not click it again…. and again… and again and now you have the ability to make more cursors. They help you click and make more cookies and now you are able to make a Grandma.  Grandmas help you make cookies which lets you get a farm.  As you increase cookie production you can have access to more and more items that help you bake more cookies.

You keep building and baking like a madman to get more items like a Cookie Factory, a Cookie Mine and a Cookie Anti Matter Condenser. A What? You can also buy upgrades at the store as you create enough cookies to get them.  The game is great little jokes in the news ticker that let’s you know how your cookie empire is going.  Plus there is a a couple hundred unlockables that you get by doing certain things in the game. All are hidden until  you get a certain amount of items or cookies but others you have to click around and find out what they are.

I have had this running in the background of my system for several days now letting the cookies accumulate and I check it on it to buy stuff and get the occasional run of self clicking on the cookie in ( it unlocks items as well ) and I have this so far…..


It is web page based so all you have to do is comeback to the site and it picks up where you left off.

This is a must to play because it is fun and quirky.  Just go here and start cookie clicking!!!