Forrest Gump And Jenny Another Look At Their Relationship


Everybody loves the movie Forrest Gump. It is a great film with iconic stars in forever roles like

Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump

Gary Sinese as Lt. Dan

Mykelti Williamson as Bubba

and Robin Wright as Jenny.

These parts have solidified them as movie stars in a movie that is easily in everyone’s top 50 movies of all time.

That being said let’s talk about Jenny, Forrest’s on again but mostly off again love interest. Forrest meets this little girl on the bus and they become quick friends.  He chases her the entire movie even though she keeps passing him over for one loser or another. But, whenever she needs a break from her life,  she would come back home and tease Forrest until she got bored or her head straight or for whatever reason. She then almost like clockwork goes off running away from the one man who truly and sincerely loved and cared for her.

I have always wondered one thing…. When Jenny came to Forrest’s after traveling all over being a whore, and she finally gave up the ass to Forrest, was it the best sex she had ever had? I mean she got knocked up by Forrest so he must have been throwing that dick like he played double racket ping pong.


She did try to let Forrest nail her in college but he saw her boobs and blew his load.

I have always wondered if she thought ” Holy shit, that was the best lay I ever had… If I would have just stayed with Forrest and always “been his girl”, I would be getting my world rocked nightly and I wouldn’t be this AIDS infested drug using bitch who couldn’t find my place in the world…” But she takes off again and leaves him to go do whatever and have his baby by herself.

So the question is, is Jenny a tragic character driven by her childhood and afraid of love of a developmentally disabled man or was she just a self centered user that played Forrest and looked him up to take care of her kid when she got AIDS.  Subsequent question…. was Forrest still having sex with her after she came back home for the final time and did she give Forrest HIV as well?  Sub Subsequent question… was the baby even his or did she pawn off some other man’s baby on Forrest?

Eh, Forrest don’t bother you are better off without her!!


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