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I think we are going about this all wrong…… Let ISIS have it’s Islamic State… let them form and get settled in…. then carpet bomb the hell out of them.


This view is a common blanket solution that armchair generals often spout.  But it is not the entire Islamic population of the planet that is causing the problems.  It is just these power hungry separatists that use perverted forms of Islam to gather attention and followers to further their own agendas.And these agendas have nothing to do with the worship of Allah.  It is a tactical tool, like most perversions of peaceful religions, to corral and indoctrinate people to do someone’s bidding.


It could be something simple as tithing 10% to the church to blowing up a building with the promise of 72 virgins……


OK if they were all her I might consider it…..

You would think that the Arab community would step up and take care of this problem.  I mean it is in their own back yard and it is their own religion that is getting thrown to the ground and reprocessed to disenfranchised folks.    You have these sheiks and other Arab royalty making a billion dollars an hour ( rough fake estimate for effect )  and they can’t break off a couple bucks to help feed some of these desert tribes that wind up blowing themselves up.  I would think that is just good business sense.   Feed, educate and corner your market before some fuckhead claiming to be Allah’s gardener snatches them up and straps a bomb to them with a promise of an afterlife that has to be a helluva lot better than the shit hole life they are living now. As you can see the level of qualified, intelligent recruits has been lacking.



I have a solution. You want to stop terrorism, covert to solar power. Before they Jed Clampetted


themselves to super wealth the only exports any Arab nations had pre oil was hand woven camel comforters


and felafel


Now,  they can buy just about anything they want.  It could be anything to gold plated dildos for their 700 wives to a shipment of AK-47′s and C4 to supply to these puppet Islamic terror groups.  And if you think these groups like ISIS and other ignorant named groups like  al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and  al-Qaeda in the Denny’s on 5th and Pine Trails Blvd are self sufficient then you are crazy.  Where do they get their cash to organize?  Well they aren’t doing it in public relations work that is for sure.

Oh and nice name ISIS,  here is the terror you bring to me….

I think as Americans and other oil dependent nations we are just perpetuating and empowering the Middle Eastern oil cabal buy paying for our own fear through petroleum  consumption.


I am just as guilty as the next person as I don’t own a Prius and Disney World just isn’t walking distance for me and my family.   Our governing powers that be are no help as these extremely costly and unnecessary conflicts in these foreign lands do nothing but make it easy for these Islamic groups to gather support  and also make it easy for Arab money to get into the pockets of foreign lawmakers that are waging war in these countries.  Nothing better to protect your money than the army you sent over there to begin with.


On a side note to Islam…. lighten up on the death threats for comic book creators and people who make an image of Allah.

1f8a909de34cI am pretty sure if Allah had a beef with it, it would be taken care of. Allah doesn’t need your help with anything.  Just face east the correct amount of times daily and be cool to each other just like any religion.  The Koran has been re-written just about as many times as the Bible so I am sure there are some passages that have been edited for the viewing audience a time or two.     Every time I hear some Islamic organization or some religious zealot loud mouth condemn someone for some Islamic offense it just rings of Christians in Salem screaming witch or the Inquisition pointing out “heretics”.  All I am saying been there done that, Radical Islam.




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