What Does Nostradamus Say About 2017?


Michel de Nostredame, or more famously know as Nostradamus, was a French physician and astrologer who lived in the 16th century.  He was famed as a brilliant doctor, curing people of the then fatal Black Death. Later in his life he became famous for his predictions.  

One of Nostradamus’ first visions was concerning religion. As an adolescent, on a particular day, he saw a young Franciscan Christian brother approaching a well. He felt himself propelled towards him in order to pay him tribute. Having made his way towards him, he fell on his knees and kissed his garment. The young Christian brother was astonished to receive the attention of such a noble youngster. The young Christian monk said to him, “Are you being honest with yourself in rendering such honor to a noble brother?” Michel replied to him by saying,”I must kiss the robe of his Holiness the Pope.” Years after Nostradamus’ death the young monk became pope Sixtus the fifth!

According to his followers, he has predicted a several historical events and people involved that have actually happened in the last few centuries; including the French Revolution, Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, Napoleon, and the 9/11 attacks.

His prophecies, which he wrote in four-line verses called quatrains and categorized into Centuries, are of course open to interpretation of the reader. Maybe one day an actual decoder will be found to shed light on what Nostradamus actually meant in his writings. Until then, we can have fun and speculate on their meanings.

To read all of Nostradums’ Les Propheties Go here
This online repository of Les Propheties features the 1840 Bareste edition. This edition features the original 10 Centuries in the Old French, with reliable English language translations.

So let us see what Nostradamus predicted for 2017

C1:Q17 (Century 1 Quatrain 17)

Par quarante ans l’Iris n’apparoistra,
Par quarante ans tous les iours sera veu:
La terre aride en siccité croistra,
Et grands deloges quand sera apperceu.

For forty years the rainbow will not be seen.
For forty years it will be seen every day.
The dry earth will grow more parched,
and there will be great floods when it is seen.

Could Nostradamus be referring to the drought that has hit California as well as the effects of Global Warming?

2. C1:Q26 (Century 1 Quatrain 26)

Le grand du foudre tumbe d’heure diurne,
Mal, & predict par porteur postulaire:
Suiuant presage tumbe de l’heure nocturne,
Conflict Reims, Londres, Ettrusque pestifere.

The great man will be struck down in the day
by a thunderbolt.
An evil deed, foretold by the beare of a petition.
According to the prediction another falls at night time.
Conflict at Reims, London, and pestilence in Tuscany.

A great man is a stretch for Kim Jung Un but Donald Trump has alluded to ending Kim’s reign. What better way to do so than by a “thunderbolt”!



A cité neuue pensif pour condamner,
L’oisel de proye au ciel se vient offrir:
Apres victoire à captif pardonner,
Cremone & M’acirctoue gracircds maux aura souffert.

At the New City he is thoughtful to condemn;
the bird of prey offers himself to the gods.
After victory he pardons his captives.
At Cremona and Mantua great hardships will be suffered.


C8:Q20 (Century 8 Quatrain 20)

Le faux messaige par election fainte
Courir par urban rompu pache arreste,
Voix acheptees, de sang chappelle tainte,
Et à un autre l’empire contraicte.

The false message about the rigged election
to run through the city stopping the broken pact;
voices bought, chapel stained with blood,
the empire contracted to another one.


C8:Q41 (Century 8 Quatrain 41)

Esleu sera Renad ne sonnant mot,
Faisant le faint public vivant pain d’orge,
Tyranniser apres tant à un cop,
Mettant à pied des plus grans sus la gorge.

A fox will be elected without speaking one word,
appearing saintly in public living on barley bread,
afterwards he will suddenly become a tyrant
putting his foot on the throats of the greatest men.

Did Nostradamus predict Trump’s win and the possible outcome of his presidency?

C1:Q37 (Century 1 Quatrain 37)

Vn peu deuant que le Soleil s’absconde,
Conflict donné, grand peuple dubiteux:
Profligez, port marin ne faict response,
Pont & sepulchre en deux estranges lieux

Shortly before sun set, battle is engaged.
A great nation is uncertain.
Overcome, the sea port makes no answer,
the bridge and the grave both in foreign places.

Nostradamus had numerous quatrains about war.  The Middle Eastern conflicts have always made The United States ( the great nation ) uncertain. 



Les fleurs passees diminue le monde,
Long temps la paix terres inhabitees:
Seur marchera par ciel, terre, mer & onde,
Puis de nouueau les guerres suscitees.

Pestilences extinguished, the world becomes smaller,
for a long time the lands will be inhabited peacefully.
People will travel safely through the sky (over) 
land and seas:
then wars will start up again. 

Possibly Kim Jung is defeated and people can live in peace…. until we start the whole cycle over again because as humans, we can’t help ourselves!!


Lettres trouvees de la roine les coffres,
Point de subscrit sans aucun nom d’hauteur
Par la police seront caché les offres.
Qu’on ne scaura qui sera l’amateur.

Letters are found in the queen’s chests,
no signature and no name of the author.
The ruse will conceal the offers;
so that they do not know who the lover is.

Letters and ruse could easily point to Hillary Clinton’s Email scandal!



L’enfant naistra à deux dents en la gorge,
Pierres en Tuscie par pluye tomberont:
Peu d’ans apres ne sera bled ny orge,
Pour saouler ceux qui de faim failliront.

The child will be born with two teeth in his mouth,
Stones will fall during the rain in Tuscany:
A few years after there will be neither wheat nor barley,
To satiate those who will faint from hunger.

If this doesn’t prove that Kylie Jenner’s baby is going to be
The AntiChrist, nothing does!!!

As with anything Nostradamus, it is good to form your own opinions and predictions.